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Mercury Retrograde Warning! Been feeling frustrated or confused with conversations?

Well maybe if not yet, get prepared because our planet of communication and travel is going into retrograde. *From astrology.com*

Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Get ready to retrograde! From August 9 to September 2, Mercury goes retrograde, and if anything can go wrong, it just might -- unless you're prepared, that is. A Mercury retrograde may try your patience, but if you plan ahead, you can actually make it work to your advantage!

The Bad
Mercury rules communication and travel, the areas most affected by the retrograde. Misunderstandings and delays could occur. Triple-check all your emails, postpone meetings whenever possible and avoid confrontation. Take your delays in stride by carrying a book or some form of entertainment, and try not to start anything new, especially something big -- do what you can to push back new projects, new commitments, new jobs, new contracts, etc.

The Good
This is actually an excellent time to finish projects and focus on yourself. You could almost look at it as a respite from the rest of your life. Pull out your to-do list and start getting things checked off -- finish organizing your closet, fix up your kitchen, catch up with old friends, finalize that major project at work -- and spend some time just for you. Try meditation, a soak in the tub or find some other way to pamper yourself.
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