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This information is taken from Stonewall Columbus:

Issue 1 Facts:

Ø Eliminates Healthcare

Ø Abolishes Property Rights

Ø Slashes Maternity Leave

Ø Dictates to Employers How They Must Operate

Ø Will Cost Ohio Jobs and will Hurt Ohio’s Economy

ALSO, a quote from Attorney General Jim Petro: “the amendment being contemplated in Ohio includes language
that is designed to limit the rights of any non-married couple and will limit
the rights of private companies and public institutions to offer benefits to
certain groups of people, including unmarried people living in heterosexual

This is an article pulled from the Columbus Dispatch earlier this week. PLEASE make yourselves aware of this issue because it has the potential to effect A LOT of people.

Big business, OSU among those against amendment


With the Nov. 2 election barely a month away, a coalition of businesses,
universities and Democratic and Republican officeholders is siding with gay
organizations in an effort to defeat State Issue 1.
Their argument against the proposed Ohio constitutional amendment that would
ban same-sex marriage is simple.
"This seems to be over the top,’’ said Bob Milbourne, president and chief
executive officer of the Columbus Partnership, a civic organization representing
27 of central Ohio’s largest employers, including Bank One, which recently
merged with JPMorgan Chase & Co., The Limited and Ohio State University.
"We already have legislation prohibiting gay marriage. This potentially goes
well beyond that.’’
Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell yesterday certified Issue 1 for the
Nov. 2 ballot.
Milbourne said that although the partnership does not take positions on
issues or do fund raising, many of its members, including officials from The
Limited and Ohio State, "have raised serious concerns about the impact that
Issue 1 would have on economic development, their own businesses and the image
of the state of Ohio.’’
The group is chaired by Limited founder Leslie H. Wexner. John F. Wolfe,
chairman, publisher and CEO of The Dispatch Printing Company, is vice chairman.
Milbourne said some of the business leaders are contributing to Ohioans
Protecting the Constitution, a group started by gay groups opposing Issue 1 that
has expanded to include other organizations.
Ohio State, which earlier this year approved domestic partner benefits for
its employees, yesterday took a formal position against Issue 1 in a statement
by university President Karen Holbrook.
"Ohio State competes in a global marketplace for the best and brightest.
These valued faculty, staff and students provide Ohio State with the rich,
diverse, and productive environment that is required to make Ohio competitive
and economically healthy,’’ Holbrook said.
The benefits approved by OSU trustees "are necessary to attract, retain and
support the best faculty, staff and students. Ohio tax dollars do not pay for
this benefit at Ohio State.’’
Holbrook said Attorney General Jim Petro has indicated that if Issue 1
passes, OSU and other institutions might be prohibited from offering such
That would be "harmful to our institution’s ability to remain competitive
with other employers and institutions of higher learning,’’ Holbrook said, and
"would have negative consequences for our community and state.’’
Petro issued a statement to supporters this week saying he supports marriage
as "a solemn act that should only occur between one man and one woman.’’
However, he said he opposes the amendment because it would "limit the rights of
any nonmarried couple and the rights of private companies and public
institutions to offer benefits to certain groups of people, including unmarried
people living in heterosexual unions.’’
Petro called the issue "broad, intolerant and unnecessary’’ and said it could
"spark endless lawsuits that cost taxpayers money.’’
Phil Burress, chairman of the Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage, the
Cincinnati-based group that gathered signatures to place the issue on the
ballot, yesterday lashed out at opponents.
"I can’t believe The Limited has finally come out of the closet,’’ he said.
"Everyone that is coming out against marriage between one man and one woman
is pro-homosexual,’’ Burress added.
He said 37 states, including Ohio, have approved Defense of Marriage laws,
while six have added it to their constitutions. Ohio is among 11 states where
voters will decide the issue on Nov. 2.
Burress said the defeat of Issue 1 would "destroy the institution of marriage
and that will destroy the economic model that Ohio has built itself upon.’’
Alan Melamed, spokesman for Ohioans Protecting the Constitution, criticized
Burress for using "inflammatory, discriminatory language.’’
"Our objective from the beginning — as we believe this is an issue that goes
across political and ideological boundaries — is to pull together a bipartisan
group involving business, labor, community and good government groups,’’ Melamed
said. "We have a cross section of Ohio expressing their concerns about an issue
that will have such a detrimental impact.’’
He said more public and business leaders opposing the issue will be announced
Melamed said in addition to Petro, other Republicans have said they oppose
Issue 1, including state Sen. David Goodman of Bexley and state Reps. Timothy J.
Grendell of Chesterton and James P. Trakas of Independence.
On the Democratic state, Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Franklin
County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy last week announced their opposition. State
Sen. Eric D. Fingerhut of Shaker Heights and U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown of Lorain
also are opposed.
Gov. Bob Taft has not staked out a position, although he has said he would
not support the amendment if a legal analysis shows the amendment would go
beyond existing Ohio law.
"The governor will make a decision based on a legal analysis, not anybody
else’s analysis,’’ spokesman Orest Holubec said.

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