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this makes me truly respect our mayor coleman

Subject : Mayor Coleman Opposes Divisive Politics of Religious Group


October 13, 2005

Coleman Opposes Divisive Politics Of Religious Group

COLUMBUS -Concerned about how political partisans use faith to divide our
citizens, Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Frankie Coleman urged Ohioans to reject
the divisive messages of Congressman Walter Jones and U.S. Senator Sam
Brownback, who are participating in the launch of Reformation Ohio.

”Frankie and I have a clear record of championing equal rights for everyone. We
have fought discrimination in all of its forms, like race, age, gender, sexual
orientation, creed, nationality, disability, and faith. For Ohio to move
forward, our elected officials and religious leaders need to practice respect,
acceptance, and love for all of our citizens.

Recent events have brought out so much good in Americans, let's learn from this
and reject the calls for division and intolerance," Coleman said.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, so many communities, churches,
and citizens sent aid to the storm's victims," Coleman added. “Those storms did
not discriminate and, when sending this aid, Americans did not discriminate
either. We stepped up to help those in need without asking whether they were
white or black, young or old, religious or not, gay or straight. We need to
harness that compassion and direct it toward making Ohio great again.

"Religious institutions that step up and serve the most needy among us with
unconditional compassion send a powerful message and play an important role

in our nation. We need to encourage that great tradition of service," Coleman

Mayor Coleman was never scheduled to participate in any of Reformation
Ohio activities and his wife will not participate either.

"For too long, faith and values have been manipulated to push political agendas
by dividing our citizens. My Bible teaches us to love thy neighbor, not to
place judgment on others, and that we are all God's children. Ohio will
continue to fall behind, if we do not work together to stomp out intolerance and
poverty," Coleman said.
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