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the_toy_revival's Journal

mister fister
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air before a storm, airplanes, ally sheedy, androgyne, angelina jolie, ani difranco, aquarius, astrology, astronomy, being a dumbass, bif naked, bikini kill, bitch and animal, boobs, boys dont cry, breakfast club, candle light, celestine prophecy, cereal, chloe sevigny, christina ricci, clea duvall, clear skies, clifford, clouds, coffee, colleen, comforting, completion, cooking, crank yankers, cuddling, deep thoughts, detachable showerheads, dorks, dreams, drugs, drums, dykes, epiphanies, equal rights, everything but the girl, eyes, feminism, flowers, flying, food, french language, fruit, fucking, garbage, getting inside peoples minds, gia, girls, glories, good humor, good times, guitars, hands, hanson, harry potter, high art, holding hands, hugs, humor, individuality, intellegence, jessie, jobe and robert, kissing, kyle, laughing, league of their own, learning, lesbians, lips, living to the fullest, loaf, long walks, love, modesty, mood rings, movies, natural beauty, nerds, nudity, online mini-golf, p.j. harvey, perfect moments, phil keaggy, photography, piercings, pride, queers, rain, rainbows, randomness, rocky horror picture show, romance, self-confidence, sex, sharing, shirley manson, silver, sixteen candles, skies, smashing pumpkins, soft skin, soy milk, spiked hair, spikes, spot the dog, star gazing, starbucks, stars, sublime, summer time, surprises, tattoos, teaching, tegan and sara, the clash, the crystal method, the pretenders, thunder storms, vagina, video-taping, when silence is enough, wisdom, women, writing